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This video,, can also be seen at good watercolor palette will last a long time; however, mine had seen many years of good painting, had a few cracks in important places, and needed to be retired. For those of you new to watercolor painting, I thought you might appreciate this entry on how to prepare your palette.The tubes of paint are more expensive, messy, and you have to plan in advance which colors you’ll be using and spend a lot of time preparing your palette. I got this set of watercolors from my mom for my birthday this past fall and I LOVE it: Sakura 24-Piece Koi Assorted Water Colors field sketch set with Brush .Cheap Joe’s art stuff find all your favorite and brand new fine art supplies and craft supplies at discount prices, here at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. Shop the finest quality artist paints, brushes, canvas, easels, drawing supplies, watercolors, oils, acrylics and tons more!There are many watercolor palettes available. You will learn what type of palette fits your personal style and needs as you proceed along your watercolor journey. Look for Round Color Wheel Style Palettes, Rectangular or Square Palettes, Folding palettes.The type of the makeup determines how you apply it, what it’s best for, how it wears, and how you take it off. None of them are any better than the others, they just have pluses and minuses depending.Some watercolours stain your palette, whether it is made of plastic or enamelled brass. Phthalo colours are particularly staining but some are some of the reds. If you wipe out your palettes thoroughly with a cloth or paper towel with clean water, the stain that may remain won’t affect future colours.How To Clean An Maintain Your Watercolor Palette. Watercolor is an amazing medium if you enjoy painting. Whether you paint every day or only use your watercolor palette occasionally, you need to learn to clean and maintain your palette. A high quality palette though is not expensive should get proper care of it if you want to be able to use it for a long time.Find out if your great grandma. techniques necessary to succeed at watercolor painting. This class is open to adults ages 18 and older. Participants should bring their own watercolor paper, paints,